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Step One

Jot down or make a note of your location. The more information you can provide the better (landmark or cross street can help if you don't have an exact address.)

Step 2

Give us a call and let us know what type of service you need and where you are located.

Step 3

Wait in a safe location for your locksmith to arrive. Once you call we can send a tech right away or if it's not an emergency, we are happy to schedule something for you. 

Local Fort Lauderdale Lock Rekey Service

Our Fort Lauderdale lock rekey service is your go to choice for all things lock and key related. With a team of highly trained professionals, affordable pricing options for every budget, and same day 24 hour service available, there's no reason to call anyone else. We always put our customers first and will work with you to find the best solutions for your specific situation. Whether you have locked your keys in the car in the middle of the night or you need all the locks changed in your house that very morning, we'll be right there to lend a helping hand when you need it. With the use of our mobile service vans we can get to you fast for emergencies and come fully equipped for everything you could need. Don't risk calling a less experienced or less reputable locksmith company that may rip you off, leave you hanging, or cause more damage, call a company you can rely on, Locksmith Fort Lauderdale's lock rekey service.

We Rekey Or Change The Locks

Have Your Locks Changed And Working Like New In An Instant!

Your locks should be undoubtable, able to keep you and your property safe as can be at all times. So what happens when those locks are compromised? Let's say an ex roommate moves out after things go sour and takes the key with them, or maybe you've moved into a new place and want peace of mind that you're the only ones with keys that open your doors. That's where we come in. Locksmith Fort Lauderdale offers professional same day rekeying and lock changing services for exactly when you need them. We can have your locks reset and working like they're brand new with a key that only you have, leaving all past keys rendered useless and making your property as safe and secure as it should be.

Rekey & Reset.

Rekeying is a new effecient technological advancement in the locksmithing world. In years previous you'd have to take the entire lock out, and replace it with a new one which not only took lots of extra time but also cost way more money. With our easy yet reliable rekey system you can get the same result for a lot cheaper and faster. Using the proper tools and technique, one of our rekey specialists can insert a tool that will reset the hardware and change it to fit a brand new key cut on site just for you. This will make them function like a brand new lock and effectively make all past keys comepletely useless. That way your locks can go back to serving their purpose and keeping you safe. 

Same Day Rekey Service When You Need It

Every minute that you spend waiting for a company to have enough time to get you an appointment is another minute that you and the most important things in your life go unprotected. At Locksmith Fort Lauderdale we ALWAYS put the well being of our customers above all else and will come out to you to make sure you're taken care of as soon as that same day. When you call us, you're calling a company who cares with a team that knows how to do the job right and will always put top value on customer satisfaction. Call us today and have a tech sent out as soon as possible or at a time that is most convenient for you and we can get your locks working in tip top shape the way they should be.

Leave Your Home Security To The Pros

Don't think twice about who to call for your Fort Lauderdale lock rekeying and lock change services. Contact Fort Lauderdale's #1 choice for everything from rekeying to key cutting, door unlocking, and everything in between. We take your security seriously and have an expert staff of only the best and most experienced rekey technicians in the business. We'll send out a locksmith as soon as you need it and will get the job done right!