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Getting Help Is Easy

Step One

Jot down or make a note of your location. The more information you can provide the better (landmark or cross street can help if you don't have an exact address.)

Step 2

Give us a call and let us know what type of service you need and where you are located.

Step 3

Wait in a safe location for your locksmith to arrive. Once you call we can send a tech right away or if it's not an emergency, we are happy to schedule something for you. 

Call A Car Key Locksmith You Can Count On

Locksmith Fort Lauderdale is your go to choice for all things lock and key related. With a team of highly trained professionals, affordable pricing options for every budget, and same day 24 hour service available, there's no reason to call anyone else. We always put our customers first and will work with you to find the best solutions for your specific situation. Whether you have locked your keys in the car in the middle of the night or you need all the locks changed in your house that very morning, we'll be right there to lend a helping hand when you need it. With the use of our mobile service vans we can get to you fast for emergencies and come fully equipped for everything you could need. Don't risk calling a less experienced or less reputable locksmith company that may rip you off, leave you hanging, or cause more damage, call a company you can rely on, Locksmith Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Car Key Services

Get A Brand New Set Of Keys Made Without Having To Go To A Shop

There are some things in life that no one enjoys doing. Things that while necessary are time consuming and mundane. One of those being having to go all the way to a shop to get a new key or set of keys made after having broken or lost yours. As if losing your car keys wasn't frustrating enough to begin with! But what if we told you it didn't have to be all that trouble? With one call to Locksmith Fort Lauderdale's car key service specialists, you can have a professional technician sent out straight to your location to make you a brand new car key right then and there. No waiting, no stress, and you don't have to lift a finger. Our Fort Lauderdale car key locksmiths are equipped with all of the best key making machinery and technology right there in their vehicles, thus bringing the shop to you! With rates even better than the dealerships, and same day high speed service, there's no reason not to call!

We Come To You

Gone are the days of scheduling appointments, waiting around and having to catch a ride over to a locksmith shop to have your car keys replaced or repaired, all the while your vehicle is sitting in your driveway collecting dust or even worse, being towed away because you don't have the keys to bring it home! When you come to us for help, you'll never even have to lift a finger. We come to your location that exact same day, no matter where in Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding areas you are. Any car make, year or model, we can cut you a new key right then and there, no hassle, no waiting. Get back behind the wheel in no time.

We Make Keys For Every Car

Whether your vehicle is old and restored or new and imported, there's no vehicle we can't make a key for. Our Fort Lauderdale car key service specialists are trained to cut, engrave, program and repair keys for a wide variety of brands, years, makes and models of cars, trucks and vans, so when you call us you can have complete faith that we'll get the job done the right way both fast and hassle free. Oh and did we mention that our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

A Helping Hand Is One Call Away

Don't spend another second key less, comparing options on where to go and just get the help of the best! Our top rated services are available all around Fort Lauderdale, FL and the surrounding areas 24 hours  365 days a year by appointment or same day for emergencies. Just make the call and let us handle the rest! We'll have you back on the road in no time.